Anna Burton, M.S.

Bilingual Educational Diagnostician


Anna Burton

Anna Burton is a certified bilingual educational diagnostician and has over twenty years experience in the field of special education. She received her Master of Science degree in special education from Southwest Texas State University in 1981. She then completed the curriculum for diagnostic certification at East Texas State University and obtained certification in 1987.

Anna spent five years teaching in the public sector as a special education teacher before starting her practice in 1988. She also works with public and private schools and consults with psychiatrists and psychologists. For questions regarding specific assessment tests or other general questions please call (214) 537-1487 or E-Mail.


I offer a variety of different assessment tests to correctly diagnose children or adults and determine if they do in fact suffer from a specific learning disability.

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A comprehensive assessment battery is conducted to determine current levels of cognitive and academic functioning. Each assessment is structured to the individual.

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Anna has served on the board of the Dallas Branch of the International Dyslexia Assosiation (DBIDA) for 13 years. She served as President of the DBIDA from 2008-2009 and is currenlty serving as Past President. The DBIDA is an organization committed to leadership and advocacy for people with dyslexia providing support for individuals and group interactions, programs to inform and educate, and information for professionals and the general public.